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    I’ve seen the polls that say Real Estate Agents are near the very bottom of the list when it comes to trusted professionals.I’d really like to do what I can to change that perception.I’m not a natural salesman.I’m a quiet guy, and you’ll find that I’m not looking to try to talk you into anything.I will d my best to listen to what you want because I want to be a person you can trust to provide guidance, advice, and resources for this huge decision you are about to make.

    They say that a real estate transaction is amongst the most stressful set of circumstances to deal with.My goad is to reduce that stress and help you get to a place where you feel good about what you have done.

    Real Estate was not my first career.I chose to do what I do now because I want to put my wife and two sons in the best possible position to lead fulfilling lives.Fortunately for me, I feel like I’ve found a vocation that not only accomplishes that, but adds to my fulfillment as well.

    There are plenty of agents out there with more experience than me.If experience is very important to you, I’d absolutely encourage you to talk to them before you talk to me.But I’d also encourage you to consider the style that the agent offers you.You’re going to want to be on the same page and headed the same direction as the agent you choose to work with.If you choose to talk to me, I hope I show myself to be a good match for what you need.I would love to be the right agent for you, but I also want to be upfront enough to admit when I’m not.

    I truly believe that Real Estate is as much about people as it is about homes.I want everyone to feel as though they have been treated fairly and respectfully in every transaction.You will be the boss and I will be the one committed to doing things right on your behalf.We can work together to get you where you need to be.

    I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I’m doing.I’ve been given so much that the only responses that make sense to me are thankfulness and working hard to find ways so that I can give in return.I love putting people in houses because I know that it is good for them, good for neighborhoods, and good for Pittsburgh.Please reach out if you have situation where I could be of help.

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